Nicolina Vaz de Assis, sculptor

Sculptor Nicolina Vaz de Assis (1874-1941) was a pioneer in Brazilian sculpture, by the end of the 19th century, and survived of her works. She married in 1911 Portuguese sculptor Rodolfo Pinto do Couto (Portugal, 1888 – Brazil, 1945). She was Zélia’s aunt by her mother (Marieta Vaz Pereira de Souza), and was also a model and incentive. “There goes another Aunt Nicolina”, her parents used to giggle when Zélia was just starting her early works at the National School of Fine Arts. According to her, Nicolina was her first influence “in courage”.

In this artistic link, external links tell us Nicolina’s career path, being of a cult nowadays in Brazil with several websites and even videos created under her works’ inspiration.

Eliseu Visconti, óleo s. tela, 1905 100 x 81 cm, col. MNBA.           Portrait of Nicolina Vaz de Assis                
Eliseu Visconti, oil on canvas, 1905
100 x 81 cm, col. MNBA.


The Snake

Directed by: Lais Rodrigues and Miguel Przewodowski. Rio, April 2010.áginas_afluentes/Nicolina_Vaz_de_Assis